Sunday, 17 November 2013

The Future #edcmooc

While the first week was about the past, the second week is all about the future.

This lesson was all about the futuristic stuff. How the current technologies would be modified and will be used in the future.

We see today how nanotechnology has made things small. Earlier the size of a computer was around 2 rooms and today its just the size of a laptop. How small can it get? The size of a small rod. Glass Technology will be the thing in the near future and we can't say that that will be it. Who knows what will come after glass?

This second video I saw was about technology in education. Remember how you used to draw with a pencil and later with the computer you used software like photoshop and suddenly a person who is not good at drawing became a good artist. Technology is really modifying the traditional ways of teaching and making it more fun.

This course is really providing me some cool videos to watch and expand my vision of the future.

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