Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Digital Artefact #edcmooc

After four weeks of studying E-learning and Digital Culture, here comes my final digital artefact. I used to make one. It's a great website with awesome templates to make your presentations look good and it's also very easy to use. Hope y'all like it.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Being Natural #edcmooc

At first visuals I thought, I don't even like tattoos on my body. And to imagine that, to look cool, people would be drawing glowing tattoos freaked me out.

The predictive and remainder gadgets shown are just outstanding. There was a time when people used to wonder if humans will be becoming robots in the future or robots will start having human like feelings. This movie stands in between and says that the future will be a mixture of humans and robots.

This movie reminds me of a comic book 'Shmobot' I read few months back. Stan Lee's recommendation made me check out this book. Watching the robot prostitutes in the movie wasn't surprising at all. There is surely going to be a future where women's will prefer robots over men only because a robot dick is much harder than a normal human dick.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Break Free #edcmooc

In a technological mediated world, even breaking out of the lies around you seems impossible without the help of a lie. In the Toyota GT86: the ‘real deal’ advert (1:01), the person feels free after riding in a toyota. It takes speed to feel alive. Has technology become so important part of your life that it has become impossible to live without one?

You know how I feel alive? Running every morning.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

The Future #edcmooc

While the first week was about the past, the second week is all about the future.

This lesson was all about the futuristic stuff. How the current technologies would be modified and will be used in the future.

We see today how nanotechnology has made things small. Earlier the size of a computer was around 2 rooms and today its just the size of a laptop. How small can it get? The size of a small rod. Glass Technology will be the thing in the near future and we can't say that that will be it. Who knows what will come after glass?

This second video I saw was about technology in education. Remember how you used to draw with a pencil and later with the computer you used software like photoshop and suddenly a person who is not good at drawing became a good artist. Technology is really modifying the traditional ways of teaching and making it more fun.

This course is really providing me some cool videos to watch and expand my vision of the future.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Bendito Machine III #edcmooc

So the course starts with this video. The Animation World has a creative mind which not everyone understands. At first this video just went through my eyes and I was left wondering what happened in this short film. A short intro on the #edemooc helped me understand this and the comments on this video showed me what was the conclusion.

Basically the Block 1 of the course talks about the difference between Utopias and Dystopias. The above clip concludes as a dystopians point of view where every old technology gets dumped because of the advancement of a new technology and it doesn't take much time for people to adapt to the newer technologies. It shows how the initial technologies were treated as a God just because it looked diferent and was something new to them even when people had no idea what was the purpose of this new stuff was and later people started working out with newer gadgets. Ultimately everything leading to destruction.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Intro #edcmooc

I am a week late for this course, that's because I got to know about MOOC after this course was started. This is the first MOOC I have enrolled myself in. A friend of mine told me about Coursera a few days ago. Sounded quite interesting to me. There were lot of courses to choose from and just to check out how MOOC works I have registered for this course. I was actually looking for some course which started immediately. As of now just a week has been passed since this course has started, I hope to catch up with everyone. So looking forward to have a great time learning this course.